5 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

When I switched to a plant based diet, there were certain foods I planned on never eating again. To my surprise, a couple of those foods did not contain any animal products. Check out the list below to find out which tasty foods you can still eat on a plant based diet!


Oreos (and my personal favorite golden oreos) was a food I was shocked to find didn’t contain milk. I thought for sure oreos would have to be added to my do not eat list. I am thankful I can still binge eat golden oreos!

Taco Bell Burritos

The bean burrito from Taco Bell contains no animal products (make sure to ask for no cheese). I always figured there was some kind of animal product in the bean burritos but I was wrong. Taco Bell has also introduced a vegan menu so you have more options to choose from! Check out their vegan menu here


This addicting snack is vegan friendly! You can still enjoy skittles on a plant based diet, so make sure to get your fill this Halloween!

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Lay’s Potato Chips

Not all of the Lay’s flavors are free of animal products, so make sure to check the ingredients list. However, my two favorite flavors, classic and barbecue, are vegan. 



Another food I expected to contain milk but didn’t, Ritz is a tasty and addicting snack. I always eat way more than I should, so be careful (make sure to ignore the slice of cheese on the box).

Alot of the foods mentioned are junk food so its probably best to eat in moderation. However if you are ever looking for a vegan snack or want to satisfy your sweet tooth, these are some great options! Find more surprisingly vegan foods here

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