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First Day of Class

Just like that, summer break is coming to an end and today is the first day of my last year of college. Yes its extremely early to be starting classes already. I have heard my school has the longest school year of any college in the country. I can’t prove that claim, but I certainly believe it.

There is one class in particular that I am very excited about. That class is human nutrition. My major is business management, so this is an elective class. I didn’t need to take it, but it seemed very intriguing. I am excited to learn more about nutrition and dive into the science behind it. Most importantly, I am eager to pick my teacher’s brain about eating a plant based diet. I wonder if she will even discuss the benefits of a plant based diet in class? Will she remain neutral about suggesting any one diet? Will there be a focus on the risks of eating the standard American diet? Only time will tell but I will certainly keep you updated on it. Be on the lookout for new posts about topics I learned while taking this course.

New Posts

I have come up with some new ideas for posts I am considering writing in the future. First, I would like to go more in depth to what I eat on a daily and weekly basis. I think this would be fun because it would allow you the reader to gain some insight on how to eat a plant based diet while in college. This will also include a post about a recovery smoothie I make in my dorm room that has benefited me greatly. Also, I will talk a little bit more about how a plant based diet has affected my athletic performance.

Finally, I want to post about vegan food subscription boxes. I currently am subscribed to a few and want to try some more. These posts would be beneficial for those college students looking for good vegan snacks for their dorm rooms or apartments. It would also be useful for anyone looking for an easy way to access new and unique vegan products.

Let me know if you would be interested in these new posts. Also let me know below any posts you would like to see and I will try to incorporate them!


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