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My Injuries Since Switching to a Plant Based Diet

My injuries

My Injuries

I have never had a major injury (knock on wood). I have been very lucky and I hope to stay that way. The only problem with my body I have ever really struggled with is tendinitis in my right shoulder. This tendinitis only started affecting me last basketball season, my junior year of college. It developed as a result of overuse from shooting so many basketballs throughout my life. A small price to pay for the many benefits basketball has provided me.

The tendinitis usually only bothers me after I have shot a few hundreds basketballs and it becomes very painful to do the shooting motion. I usually have no choice but to stop shooting and rest my shoulder. It turns out there is not much you can do about tendinitis. My trainer told me I just have to rest my shoulder and gave me a few shoulder exercises that might help.

I wanted to see if there was more I could do. In fact, this is one of the main reasons I decided to try a plant based diet in the first place. I read about a few athletes that struggled with the same issue. Their testimonials explained how their tendinitis was either greatly reduced or went away after they adopted a plant based diet. I couldn’t believe it. I was skeptical about the results. But if it meant I could put an end to the burning pain in my shoulder, it was worth a shot.

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Tendinitis Improvements 

Now about two months later, I have to say I am more than pleased with the changes that have occurred. After taking a few hundred shots, my shoulder typically feels better than it use to. There is still some tightness, but it is manageable. I can still shoot through the small amount of pain. In the past, I would have to put down the basketballs and rest my shoulder. While the tendinitis is not completely gone, the pain has significantly been reduced since I switched to a plant based diet. 

Overall, my health is better than ever since switching to a plant based diet. This is simply my own personal experience. There is no guarantee that if you switch to a plant based diet your tendinitis or other injuries that are bothering you will disappear. However, if you have a nagging injury and other means of recovery have proved ineffective, maybe take a look at your diet. Take a chance like I did and hopefully you will see some positive results. It is worth a shot!

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