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Burrowing Owl

Colorado Springs is limited in the number of vegan restaurants. Burrowing Owl is one of the few options Colorado Springs has to offer. My girlfriend and I recently visited the restaurant and I will be covering the atmosphere, service, food, and overall impressions of the Burrowing Owl.


The atmosphere of the Burrowing Owl was definitely one of the highlights of our dinner. We walked in and seated ourselves at the only open table in the restaurant. The vibe of the restaurant was laid back and most of the customers seemed to be hanging out with friends and relaxing. It was a rainy evening so it was the perfect environment to get out of the rain and enjoy some food.

It is a small restaurant with a handful of tables on lining the wall and a bar area that was full. There was also a covered patio area that looked like a nice place to sit on a warm sunny day. Overall, the Burrowing Owl gives you the sense of a friendly community place where locals come to hang out and spend time with each other.


Surprisingly, the service was probably the most outstanding thing about dinner. Shortly after we sat down, out waitress was there to serve us water and take drink orders. She was also quick to take our food orders when we were ready.

My girlfriend and I decided to start with the bread and spread for an appetizer. Roughly two minutes after ordering the bread plate, it arrived at our table. Its pretty easy to prepare some bread and dips, but I was still impressed with how quickly it came out. We were even more impressed with how fast the entrees came out. I only was able to eat two small slices of bread before our entrees came out! I almost wished they would have waited a little longer to deliver the entrees. However, I would much rather have my food come out quickly than have to wait a long period of time.

The service was great overall. Our waitress was very attentive throughout our dinner and our food came out freaky fast.

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As I mentioned earlier, we started out with the bread and spread as an appetizer. Toasted sourdough baguette slices and a few tortilla chips were the bread options. The spread included kale walnut dip, rosemary white bean dip and finally spicy peanut dip.

The bread and chips were the typical starter foods, nothing special about them. The kale walnut dip was my least favorite of the three. It had an odd texture and the taste was rather insipid (as kale tends to be). The white bean dip was average at best. It tasted like any bean dip you could purchase from the grocery store. The spicy peanut dip was no doubt the highlight of the appetizer. The taste reminded me of peanut butter. However, it was a lighter consistency and actually pretty sweet. It wasn’t spicy at all like its description, but the sweet and light texture was wonderful.

For entrees, my girlfriend ordered the serious nachos. The nachos typically come with taco mix, queso, jalapenos, greens, and tomatoes. My girlfriend ordered the nachos without the jalapenos or tomatoes. The menu didn’t state what exactly the taco mix was. The queso was most likely cashew queso and it was the highlight of this entree. It tasted exactly like normal cheese queso. The taco mix was a little dry and not very inspiring. I would imagine with all the toppings loaded on, the jalapenos and tomatoes could have saved these nachos. Without the toppings however, the nachos were nothing special. 

I ordered the spicy house tacos and the sloppy mac. The tacos came with the same taco meat as the nachos. The nachos were also topped with cabbage slaw, and red salsa. The slaw and salsa really gave these tacos some flavor and a nice kick to it. These tacos were actually spicy unlike the spicy peanut dip. I was a big fan of the tacos and especially the slaw and salsa. My only complaint on the tacos would probably be that they were a bit greasy. It wasn’t too big of a deal to me but be aware it will get a little messy.

The sloppy mac was house mac and cheese, loaded with sloppy joe mix, tomatoes, and onions. My opinion on the sloppy joe mix is similar to the taco mix. It was a little bland and didn’t pack much of a punch to it. The mac and cheese was middle of the road, nothing special. The tomatoes and onions helped give a little variety of taste, but not enough to save the entree.

The spicy peanut dip and spicy house tacos were the winners of our dinner. All of the food was enjoyable and my girlfriend and I were full by the end of the meal. However, nothing really jumped out to us as tasting spectacular.

Overall Impression

Burrowing Owl offers a home like environment and is very welcoming. It seems like a great spot to meet up with some friends and grab a drink and some food. The food was not outstanding, but it was enough that I would enjoy going back with a group of friends. The motto of the Burrowing Owl is Social. Sustainable. Community. and in those aspects they excel. Colorado Springs is short on vegan restaurants. Although the Burrowing Owl is one of only a few options, its a reliable selection.

Let me know below some of your favorite vegan eateries and hopefully one day I can visit and give it a restaurant review!

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