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City O’ City

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I visited City O’ City while in Denver. I will be covering the atmosphere, service, food, and overall thoughts of the restaurant. Spoiler alert… we loved it! You can visit the City O’ City website here.


The view as you walk into City O’ City

It doesn’t take long after walking in to realize City O’ City is a fun place to grab some food. Even before you enter you will get this idea. Walking towards the restaurant from the street we got a glimpse of the patio. There were people drinking beers and looking like they were enjoying the overcast summer day. After walking through the entrance, my girlfriend and I  were impressed with how vibrant and upbeat the place was.

Me contemplating what delicious meal to try!

Alternative music was playing and the restaurant was filled with mostly young, cheery people. For our entire lunch, the restaurant remained busy as people came and went. Although it was busy, I didn’t feel crowded or uncomfortable at all. Our table was in the middle of two walkways which meant people were constantly walking right next to our table. This was somewhat bothersome at first. However, I quickly got use to it and wasn’t bothered by it after a few minutes.

If you are looking for a fun environment to hang out with friends and grab a bite to eat, City O’ City offers a great experience.


After we walked in and talked to the host we were told it would be a five to ten minute wait. This wait time was not a problem considering it was around brunch time on a Sunday. We were seated about three or four minutes later so we didn’t have much of a wait time at all. Our server was great and got us water and took drink orders immediately. She was also took food orders shortly after we were ready so there was no trouble trying to flag her down.

My girlfriend wasn’t all the hungry so she just ordered a homemade HoHo from the bakery/bar area. It came out immediately since it was just from the display case. The food took a little longer than normal to come out. I didn’t keep the exact time, but it was noticeably longer than a typical restaurant experience. However, it was a pretty busy time of day so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Considering the time of day and how busy the restaurant was, the service was great. We didn’t have any problems at all.


Dark Chocolate HoHo

Now for the fun stuff! The HoHo my girlfriend ordered was dark chocolate and the cream filling was super sweet. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate so I loved it. But I had to resist eating too much because I wanted to save room for my actual food!I would be weary if your not a huge dark chocolate fan (my girlfriend isn’t) as it will be a bit of an overload. She enjoyed her few bites of it, but she had enough after only eating roughly a third of it.

Vegan chicken and waffles with a side of fries

I ordered the chicken and waffles with a side of fries.The “chicken” was bourbon-brined chicken-fried cauliflower. I chose the traditional style, bourbon maple syrup and chive creme fraiche and carrot bacon. The other option would have been the southwestern style. This included chipotle chili sauce, vegan sour cream, pineapple pico and pickled red onions. I don’t think you could have gone wrong with either option.

The waffle was flavorful, but a little dry by itself. However, the syrup made a world of difference. I wish they would have poured a little more syrup on the top but they put enough to get the job done. The cauliflower stole the show. Anything that is chicken fried is typically going to be pretty good. But this cauliflower was outstanding. The breading on it was packed with flavor and really complimented the soft texture of the cauliflower. The carrot bacon laid on top of the cauliflower was also great. It reminded me of a sweet potato fry.

The side of fries were also good, nothing extraordinary. The tasty seasoning added some nice variety to the meal.

Overall Impression

Overall, I was more than delighted with the food. My taste buds were thanking me for choosing the chicken and waffles. It was fun trying something different (I don’t know of many places that serve chicken fried cauliflower). I can’t wait to go back and try some more of the unique dishes. City O’ City is a must try if you are in Denver and looking for a vegan restaurant. Or even if you aren’t vegan and want to find a place with a lively atmosphere and some great, unique food, City O’ City is great destination!

Let me know below about what your favorite vegan restaurants are or places you would like to try. Hopefully one day I can visit there and give it a review!


We stopped in at Make, Believe Bakery which is right next door and owned by City O’ City. It had some mouth watering vegan desserts. I decided to grab a sweet potato cinnamon roll and ginger molasses cookie. We didn’t get a chance to take a picture of either because I didn’t eat the desserts until later in the day. I used a couple pictures from the bakery’s website which you can visit here.

The sweet potato cinnamon roll might have been the best cinnamon roll I have ever tasted, seriously. I popped it in the microwave for about 15 seconds when I got back to my dorm room and it was absolutely delicious. The pecan filling matched with glaze icing and sweet potato roll was a match made in heaven. I probably could have eaten 4 or 5 more rolls if they were in front of me. I am planning on visiting the bakery next time I am in Denver simply for another cinnamon roll!

The ginger molasses cookie was gigantic. It was about the size of my palm! I guess you have no idea what size my palm is so that was probably a bad example… just know it was a big cookie! It was a little dry and fell apart as I was eating it. The strong taste of ginger wasn’t bad, but I was not blown away by any means. I ate it a little while after the sweet potato cinnamon roll so it didn’t have a fair chance! I probably wouldn’t order it again at the bakery, but it is a good option for you ginger bread cookie lovers out there.


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