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HG Sply Co

I got the opportunity to travel home for the weekend to the DFW area. I spent some quality time with my parents and we decided to try HG Sply Co. The unique menu offers entrees for both “hunters” and “gatherers”.


Inside HG Sply Co



HG Sply Co is in a great location right off the Trinity River in a trendy part of Fort Worth. It offers a very lively atmosphere with inside and outside seating right by the river. It was a little warm out so we chose to sit inside. However, if there is nice weather, sitting outside would be a great choice.

Overhead view of the outside seating

We arrived at the restaurant around six-thirty or seven. It was busy but did not feel overcrowded or hectic. There was a bit of electricity in the air and it was really buzzing inside. Outside seemed a little more laid back. I loved the feel I got from the restaurant and it got me excited to try the food. 


Mural inside HG Sply Co

We had a reservation so there was no wait time at all. Our waitress was very attentive and took good care of us. Like I mentioned earlier, we came at a busy time. Because of this, our food took a little while to come out. However, it didn’t take too much time for there to be any real complaints. Overall, the service was great and we didn’t have any real issues at all.


We started with the HG Chips and Queso for an appetizer. The queso was vegan queso topped with guacamole, green onion, salsa and cilantro, along with tortilla chips. I am guessing the queso was most likely cashew cheese or something of that nature. I was thoroughly impressed with the taste of the queso. It tasted exactly like the queso I remember! Who says vegans cant enjoy chips and queso too?

The Tex Mex bowl

My father and brother ordered meat entrees so I will only cover the entrees my mom and I ate. I ordered the Tex Mex house bowl with Quinoa “Meatballs”. The bowl included quinoa, chile-braised black beans, salsa, sauteed red bell pepper and onion, guacamole, pineapple pico and tortilla chips. The bowl was great, I loved the southwestern flavor it offered. It would have benefited from more red bell pepper to add a little more variety in taste, but it was super tasty none the less. The quinoa “meatballs” were also pleasant. I would suggest cutting them into small pieces and mixing them into the bowl to maximize taste rather than eating them by themselves.

I was very close to ordering the quinoa burger, which is what my mom ordered. The burger included ginger-garlic hummus, smashed avocado, kalamata tapenade, baby spinach and tomato on a toasted empire bun. I didn’t try the burger but my mom loved it. She said it was very flavorful and would definitely recommend it. If we go back, I will probably order the burger. It also came with a side of french fries, which tasted like typical fries. They were pretty addicting, I ate more than I should have!

My family also ordered the HG Banana-Nut Bread Pudding and HG Chocolate Cake for dessert. They both looked delicious, however neither were vegan. The desserts were topped with almond milk ice cream, but I didn’t give it a try. Hopefully in the future HG Sply Co adds some more vegan options for post meal sweets. 

Overall Impression

If you ever find yourself in Fort Worth, HG Sply Co is a must try. If you are with friends or family that are meat eaters, HG offers great options that will satisfy both parties. The location, right off the Trinity River, will give you a great view to go along with the tasty food. If you want to know more about HG Sply Co, you can check out the website here. 

Stay tuned for my next restaurant review! Let me know below if you have any suggestions for future reviews. 

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