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Subscription Snack Box Review – Vegan Cuts

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I heard about a subscription snack box that was solely focused on providing vegan snacks. I wanted to give it a try and let you all know what I thought. This particular box is made by Vegan Cuts. In these subscription box reviews I plan on covering my favorite snacks, pricing, and overall impressions. Lets jump into the reviews!


There were 15 snacks in the box. I wont be covering all of the snacks, just the ones that stuck out the most. I had four favorite snacks out of the box. 

My overall favorite snacks were the organic dried mangoes from Solsimple. I am not a huge fan of dried fruit but these mangoes were outstanding. They were very sweet and chewy. The mango pieces were also fairly large and filling. After eating one or two, I felt satisfied. These no doubt were the highlight of the box. You can find the mangoes here.


This snack was my second favorite of the box. What-U-See Popped Chickpeatoes are a great snack option. The flavor that came in the box was caramel sea salt. The caramel flavoring was great, and it was salted perfectly. Be careful, these chickpeatoes are addicting! I couldn’t stop eating them. Next time I visit Whole Foods, I plan on purchasing a bag of these chickpeatoes. I also was impressed that each serving was only 130 calories and pretty low in fat. You can find them here.

The next snack I enjoyed was the sea salt popcorn from Wise. The popcorn was very light and perfectly salted. It is a low calorie snack at only 140 calories per serving. If you love popcorn but want something that’s not ridiculously high in sodium and fat like some brands out there, check out Wise popcorn. you can find it here


My final favorite snack from the box were the Snickerdoodle soft baked mini cookies from Enjoy Life. The name of these cookies is no lie, they are soft. I was amazed that a cookie that wasn’t homemade could be so soft and tasty. I am a huge fan of snicker doodle cookies and these do not disappoint. As soon as I finished the cookies from the vegan Cuts, I went out and bought another box. That is how good they are. Obviously they are not the healthiest snack in the world, but these cookies are a perfect treat if you have a sweet tooth like me. The cookies can be bought here

Other Snacks

I also want to cover a couple of snacks that I was not a fan of or impartial to. The purpose of doing so is to show that these subscription boxes include a large variety of products and I don’t want to leave out ones simply because I don’t like a certain flavor or type of food. 

I do not like pickles. Due to this reason, I dislike anything that is dill flavored. Dill and Sour Cream lentil chips from Plentils came in the box. I actually liked the texture of the chips, just not the flavoring. Plentils offers garlic and Parmesan flavored chips, along with a sea salt flavor that I would probably enjoy. If you like dill flavoring, give these chips a chance. Find them here

Another snack that came in the box were Pizootz baja taco flavored peanuts. The baja taco flavoring definitely had a southwestern taste and added a little bit of a kick. If I eat peanuts, I prefer just salted ones. However, if you want some peanuts with a little bit of spice, these would be a good choice. Find them here

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There are 3 options for buying the Vegan Cuts subscription boxes. You can buy a single box, six months worth, or a year worth of boxes. I went with the single month option, it was $22.95. The 6 month option is $120 and the year option is $222. Both options require the full payment up front. 

In my box, the four snacks I liked best added up to a total cost of roughly $20. That alone makes the box almost worth the price. I calculated the total box to be a value of about $50. That is not a bad deal at all. 

I would highly suggest to start with purchasing the single box option first. Get an idea of weather or not the box is something you like and would be willing to pay up front for a 6 month or year long subscription.

Overall Impression

I am glad I gave Vegan Cuts a try. I found a couple of snacks that I really like and would be willing (or already have) to go purchase in a store or online. If you really want some vegan snack foods to have around your house or dorm room, Vegan Cuts can help you find some great options.

Like I mentioned, be sure to only buy the single month box first to see if you like it. This will give you and idea of what Vegan Cuts has to offer and could save you over a couple hundred dollars if you decide its not for you. Check out Vegan Cuts here.

Are there any other subscription boxes you want me to review? Let me know below  and stay tuned for more reviews!


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