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I have had a busy week of class so I haven’t gotten the chance to write an in depth post for today. However, I have a ton of upcoming content that I cant wait to share.

I got a DEXA scan last week for basketball. Be on the lookout for an update on my results since switching to a plant based diet. Also, I am traveling home for the weekend to the great state of Texas. I plan on doing a restaurant review of a vegan spot in Dallas. There a ton of places to go in the DFW area so I will make sure to pick a good one. 

Finally, I got a vegan subscription snack box in the mail this week. I plan on posting a review of the box and letting you all know if it worth the money. Be on the lookout for this exciting upcoming content!

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I am a college athlete living in Colorado who wants to spread the knowledge and benefits of eating a plant based diet. I love food, traveling, and meeting others with similar passions as mine!
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