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What I Ate This Weekend

One of the big complaints from my friends who want to try switching to a plant based diet is that they don’t know what to eat on the weekends. When they leave school for the weekend and eat out, they don’t know where to go or what to order. That’s why I want to start writing about what I eat over the weekend. I want to give examples of what I eat when I go out so you have some options in mind and gain a better idea of what to eat when eating out.

It was a busy weekend, so I realized while writing this post that I really didn’t eat very much at all. Usually I eat a lot more over the weekends, but this was just one weekend where I had a lot to do so I didn’t get many chances to eat.


We had room inspections at my school on Saturday morning. Because of this, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. The first meal I had was a Chipotle burrito for lunch. Chipotle or other places like it (Qdoba, Freebirds, etc) are great options for some fresh and tasty food. In my burrito I got brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, green salsa, pico de gallo, corn, and lettuce. I love this combination of ingredients and I usually order the same exact thing every time I go! Make sure to ask for extra veggies, usually the employees don’t give you many veggies initially.

The only other thing I ate on Saturday was a small container of diced fruit. There was cantelope, watermelon, pineapple, and honeydew. It was one of those pre made containers that you can buy at any grocery store. 

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I slept in on Sunday so my first meal was lunch. I went with a few friends to a pizza place in Denver called The Rock. There was no vegan or vegetarian menu so I had to make some substitutions. I went with the “Evil Ways” pizza that came with artichoke hearts, red onions, sauteed spinach, sundried tomatoes, and pesto cream sauce. it typically has mozzarella but I ordered the pizza without it. It wasn’t bad, but the pizza was light on the sauce. If you are ordering a pizza without the cheese, make sure to ask for extra sauce so that the pizza does not taste dry. 

For dinner, I stopped at Subway for a sandwich. I either go with the foot long 9-grain wheat or multi grain flatbread. Today I went with the flatbread. I ordered the veggie delight sandwich. The toppings I ordered were spinach, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, banana peppers, mustard, and sweet onion sauce. The great thing about Subway is the countless combinations of ingredients you can order. I am not sure if you have ever tried the veggie delight, but it is actually a great sandwich and a solid option if you need a quick meal. 

Like I said, I ate less than usual this weekend. However, I hoped this help bring to light some vegan options to choose from on the weekends or any time you are eating out. Let me know below if you like this and want to see more of it!

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